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Istikhara and Rohani Ilaj – Rohani Istikhara Center

Istikhara is asking Allah to guide one to the right sort of action concerning an important endeavor. A two rakah prayer is offered for this purpose with a special dua (supplication)One should perform Istikhara when one makes intentions of doing a task. The Hadith has recommended this.

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Rohani Istikhara very easy and useful:

The person performing the Istikhara should be with Ablution and wearing clean dress. He should pray two nafils of Salah and then should pray to ALLAH about the issue or the work needs to be done.


Two rakats of nafil with the intention and after it should recite darood Sharif and then the dua of Istikhara and then in the end should recite darood sharid again.

The person should recite “Al-Samad” 1000 times with darood sharif 11 times before and after it. This should be done before sleeping.

Easy Istikhara:

The person should recite Surah Al-Zuha 11 times along with darood sharif before and after it.